Kilgore doesn’t publish much. What we DO publish is available here, if you can’t make it into the shop. Enjoy!

Shipping is $2 for the first 1-5 books, and $4.95 after that. Overseas is $5/order. DVD shipping is $3.

RHoD Poster Final WEB
a film about John Porcellino & King-Cat Comics,
by Dan Stafford, $15

104 minutes of documentary, 40 minutes of bonus features and an 8-page mini comic by John P.
To download/stream the film for $5 click here.
KILGORE QUARTERLY #5 (various), $3Sam Spina! Noah Van Sciver! Mr. V! Handwritten interview with Anders Nilsen! William Vandenberg! John Kuebler! JT Yost! Katrin Davis! Alex Nall!
Sam Spina, $10

The fifth collection of Sam’s ‘Spinadoodles’ from Tinto Press. His daily diary just keeps getting better! 176pp. b/w
A CITY OF WHISKEY & FIRE (Noah Van Sciver & Dan Landes), $5
A gothic love letter from Dan Landes to the city we all love, Denver CO.  Illustrated by the great Noah Van Sciver, this 20-page comic is fantastic. Self published by Dan & Noah in 2014, ‘A City of Whiskey and Fire’ is full to bursting with tension, beauty and tells the tale of the great fire of 1863 with feverish pathos. Get it today!

BAKERSTOWN (Jake Roth), $5
We couldn’t be more pleased with our latest release from the extraordinarily talented Jake Roth. In Bakerstown, you’ll find the greatest town around and a couple of brothers who find pure joy in comics and roaming around. If you love nostalgia and comics that are sweet and tender without being overly saccharine, then this is the book for you. Grab it today!

FACES OF MATH (Noah Van Sciver) $6
The public demanded it, and here it is — a lovely 11×17 print of Noah’s CLASSIC ‘Faces of Math’ image from his acclaimed sketchbooks. It’s an offset print, so you won’t feel badly spilling beer on it, and it fits into a cheap frame. Get it, pal!

KILGORE QUARTERLY #4 (various), $3Holy cow, this issue is exciting. Professionally printed, 28 pages + color cover, 21 artists and writers, this one is awesome. Pete Gamlen, George Grenchik, Charly Fasano, Alex Graham, Kirk Johnson, Sarah Nawrocki, John Kuebler, Luke Janes, R. Hendricks, Lyzzi Hahn, Sophia Wiedeman, Sarah Leitten, Michael Levell, Noah Van Sciver, Dan Stafford, Alex Nall, Cody Pickrodt, Tony Abate, Tom Van Cleef, Katrin Davis & Jazzmyn Barbosa all contribute. Words, pictures, comics, this one’s got it all, and at $3, you better get ‘em while the getting’s good!

BLINDSPOT #3 (Joseph Remnant), $5LA-based cartoonist & sign painter Joseph Remnant’s Blindspot is yet another incredible one man anthology. With four stories told over 32 pages, this is an incredible comic, and, let’s be honest, where else can you pay $1.25 for a great story? And he delivers it all — there are really hilarious moments in this comic, tragic & scary moments, and truly inspiring and uplifting moments. It’s hard to pack this much of a wallop into a single issue comic, but Remnant pulls it off. Do yourself a favor, and buy this one.

ST. COLE (Noah Van Sciver), pt. 1 $5In St. Cole, Noah tells the tale of Joe, an everyman schlub with a girlfriend and a baby, working a crummy pizza job. Joe drinks a little too much for his own good, and over the course of a week, Joe systematically (though, seemingly not purposefully) destroys his life. St. Cole, pt 1. is the first 40 pages of the story, covering Saturday and Sunday. We’ve printed up a scant 250 copies of this comic, only available from Noah, our bricks-n-mortar shop, or here. We’re not going to reprint this in this form, so once they’re gone, they’re gone for good, so grab one now!

BLAMMO #8 (Noah Van Sciver), $5For the last seven years, Noah Van Sciver has been honing his storytelling and draftsmanship in the pages of Blammo, his one-man anthology. Issue #8 of the series delivers eight wonderful pieces in forty pages, showing yet again that the pamphlet comic is still a critical tool in the medium of comic art. Aside from Blammo stalwarts ‘Chicken Strips’ and ‘Punks vs. Lizards’, this issue contains a wonderful broken heart/ghost story, a Grimm Brothers fairytale, a dream comic and a little bit of surreal goodness. Whattya waitin’ for, kid? BUY IT!

THE FRANTASTIC FOUR (Sam Spina), $5The fifth publication from the mighty Kilgore Empire comes from 2011 Xeric Award winner Sam Spina. Sam has been impressing the heck out of folks with his daily comic diary (collected in the self published Spinadoodles vols 1 & 2),  his mini comics about everything from his grandma to his love of fire as a child, and the aforementioned Xeric funded Fight. He’s an impressive young man, and we’re really excited to publish his latest, The Frantstic Four. Get it while supplies last!

BLAMMO #7 (Noah Van Sciver), $5The latest installment from Ignatz-nominated independent comic legend Noah Van Sciver. What he lacks in awards, fame and credibility, he makes up for with heart. Also some of the tightest line work and best storytelling in this generation of cartoonists. So, read Blammo by the cartoonist who Zak Sally said, ‘will bury us all!’

BLAMMO #6 (Noah Van Sciver), $4
Noah has been self publishing Blammo for a number of years, and with issue #6, we’re pleased to take the publishing load off his back to let him focus on what he does best — make amazing comics. Noah’s work has been seen in Mome, The Comics Journal, and the Denver Westword where he publishes the weekly ‘Four Questions’ feature. This issue clocks in at 32 pages, and includes the Ignatz-nominated story ‘Abbey’s Road’, which as also a selection for the ‘Best Comics of 2010′ collection.
For four bucks, you can’t lose.

KBC #1 (various), SOLD OUT
Check out the issue that Crumb said was “almost completely unreadable from front to back…it was just lame“. Includes sketchbook pages from Jeffrey Brown & Noah Van Sciver, interview with Joe Matt, ‘rejected from McSweeney’s’ pieces, and more drivel. Cover by Dirtbag.

KBC #2 (various), SOLD OUT
The imminently more readable second issue. Interviews with Ian MacKaye & Adrian Tomine, sketchbook pages from Lonnie Allen, Lilli Carre, John Porcellino, & Noah Van Sciver. Seriously, a much better issue. Each issue comes with an actual item found in a book at KBC. Cover by John P.

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